Taxi, auto drivers no longer require a commercial license: Here’s more

Taxi, auto drivers no longer require a commercial license: Here’s more

Bringing a taxi, three-wheeler, e-rickshaw or two-wheelers for the purpose of food delivery etc will be a little easier for individuals and merchants with a new government rule. Under the rule, drivers of these vehicles will no longer require a commercial licence and their private licences will be accepted legally for the same. However, the government has also said that it will be mandatory for truck, bus, other heavy commercial vehicle drivers to get commercial driving licences made. The Road Transport Ministry issued an advisory to the state governments to follow that Supreme Court order of July 2017.

Ministry officials have also said that since commercial licences are no longer mandatory for taxis, autos – it will, in turn, ensure increased employment opportunities to lakhs of drivers.

Getting a commercial driving licence had so far been a necessity for driving a transport vehicle, a process that had people waiting for one year. A commercial driving licence was obtained after the driver received his personal driving licence.

The ministry also hopes that the new order will also bring an end to a lot of corruption involved in obtaining transport or commercial licences. The ministry officials have also suggested that the states must also do away with issuing badges for those driving commercial vehicles.

While the decision comes as a relief to the auto and taxi drivers, there also fears that this will increase congestion on the roads since it’ll be easier to bring a taxi or auto or e-rickshaw on the road. However, the ministry believes that more availability of such vehicles on the road will reduce dependence on private vehicles. According to a transport expert, one taxi replaces at least six private cars and an auto can replace over a dozen

While the calculations are sound in theory, if one cab replaces six cars and one auto replaces 12, it will actually be good for our roads. But then, a fact remains that the average private car driver or two-wheeler rider is reluctant to resort to taking cabs because they turn out to be expensive on a daily basis.




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